“EARTHING” by Dulce Levitz “Earthing” also known as “grounding” or being in contact with the earths energies, through our […]

Backpack Traveling

We see them walking either singly or in tandem, sometimes in small groups of threes and fours dodging cars […]

Are You A Backpack Traveler?

There are several ways to travel travel light, travel fast, travel in style, or doing your travel backpack style. […]



  “I am not a lover of lawns. Rather would I see daisies in their thousands, ground ivy, hawkweed, […]


  Rosemary Botanical name: Rosmarinus officinalis Use Rosemary for winter wellness and support. Rosemary is an amazing culinary plant […]

Travel Guard Insurance

All About Travelling

What You Need to Know in Getting a Travel Insurance

There is a variety of travel insurance that is available for you. Your personal insurance carrier, your credit card company, travel agents and specialists all offer different forms of travel insurance. Sometimes your auto or health insurance or your credits already cover travel insurance related to your vacation. Now, this poses question of when should you ensure and which should you choose. There are three major types of travel insurance. The first type is the medical coverage. For medical insurance, make sure you check their rules and […]

What is a Travel Agency?

There is a growing trend in travel nowadays. Travel agencies have also increased proportionally since its inception. Number of travel agencies in recent years however shows the industry’s success is dwindling. You may wonder what is a travel agency exactly and how do they work? During pre-war, mostly travel agencies catered to middle and upper class travelers. However, a boom in mass-market holidays was seen after the war. The modern travel agency was first established in the second half of the 19th century. In addition to package […]

Travel Light Travel Right

Travel is all about packing light. It’s not a good idea to cram as much as you can carry on your backpack when you go off to new places. The first rule is always to pack just enough to last you a few days. Unless you enjoy lugging around bags that weigh a ton, bringing along just a few choice articles of clothing is better. You’re better off not packing three sneakers, your two boots or those many shirts. If you’re worried about clothes, you can buy […]

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